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No Contenders on Saturday and Sunday… February 24, 2013

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It’s quite late and I’m only just getting to my Shenanigans.  That’s because today was filled with Parents Weekend activities at my daughter’s college.  I confess to you my the few, the proud, the saintly Shenanigans blog followers that I indulged in the sin of Parent-of-a-Sophomore-Condescension today.  Inner eye-rolling at the Parents-of-Freshmen-Angst.  Exhibit A:  “Will the Career Services office help my son/daughter find the right internship this summer which will open the door for his/her successful career path and ultimate life happiness?”  Exhibit B:  “My daughter/son is a bio major and wants to study abroad.  His/her mentor doesn’t have all the answers about how to fit his/her sequence of required courses into a semester in London and the International Study office tells us to talk to the mentor.  What I hear you saying is that my son/daughter has to work all this out by him/herself????” (Unspoken response:  “OMG… Yes ma’am.  Your kid is in college now.  Please remove the the whirring sound of your helicopter blades from over his/her head.”).  Okay, so I exaggerate a tad.  Just a tad.  And also admit that gross caricature was,  to I hope a lesser degree, me just a year ago.

Yes, I can be snotty.  I confess to you and the Lord Jesus Christ…

One of the things I do so love about visiting the lives of the saints is learning and re-learning just how very human they all were too.  I find comfort in knowing that John Donne spent some years as a wastrel and Ignatius of Loyola was a self-impressed military officer.  I’m sure there was probably a saint or too who also committed the sin of stooping to the Mommy Wars (Augustine of Hippo’s mom Monica comes to mind…).

Well, this being a weekend, there are no brackets today or tomorrow.  I am delighted to report that John Donne did move on to the Saintly Sixteen round, leaving Agnes of Rome in the dust.  I am trying to get a head start on my posts and my musings about the play-offs scheduled for this coming week.  I have my thoughts on Monday’s Battle of the Martin Luthers saved and hope to put a dent in Tuesday’s Chad vs Li Tim while watching the Oscars tomorrow night.  All of this uncharacteristic doing things in advance is because I will be attending the annual Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes conference this coming week with a rather fulsome schedule of workshops and seminars.  I am really looking forward to it.  I hear the annual CEEP conference is one of the best and I hope to learn a lot about stewardship, long-range financial planning for congregations, building endowments and the like.  Rumor has it the Lent Madness folks will also be there!  I hope to have a chance to meet them.

Meanwhile, if anyone is experiencing Lent Madness withdrawal, the thoughtful supreme executive committee of LM has provided some weekend filler.  You can access it by going here.


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