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About Saintly Shenanigans February 7, 2013

Okay, so I’ve finally become inspired to do more than think about starting a blog and actually starting one.  The impetus?  Having just invited the people of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and School (Coconut Grove, Miami FL) to participate in “Lent Madness” this year it occurred to me that people need a quick and easy (down and dirty?) way to learn about the saints before voting for them.

So I purchased “Calendar of Saints:  2013 Ultra-Revised Edition” and downloaded it to my iPad.  Great!  Now I have a quick and easy online way to read up on the 32 saintly contenders in this year’s “Madness”, but short of buying a copy for each parishioner (at $4.99 a pop) how do I convey information about the saints (colored, perhaps, by a few of my own thoughts and prejudices) to the wider audience?

Hence this blog.  Finally after all these years of thinking about starting one, here I go.  My intent is to comment on the saints in contention in “Lent Madness” as their respective brackets come up.  With it I kill two birds with one stone:  convey information to others and enter into a non-giving-up-of-chocolate Lenten discipline of my own.

And who knows?  Maybe I’ll continue with these shenanigans even after Lent ’13 has ended.  Stay tuned!

–The Rev’d Willie Allen-Faiella, Rector, St. Stephen’s Coconut Grove


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